Party Ideology

Party Ideology

Why a new party?

Barabri Party Pakistan was registered with the Election Commission Pakistan in June 2017. It started working in January 2018. There are almost 250 political parties in Pakistan. Why was there a need for new party?

There are labor parties in many countries around the world which are run, managed and controlled by labor class. Barabri Party Pakistan was established on the same principle. It is a party of middle and working class and youth. Barabri Party Pakistan is established with a goal to provide platform to members of working and middle class and youth to enter active politics and come in leadership positions. Other parties do have such members in their rank and file, but they are controlled by rich and influential people who make all the decisions.

What is the Ideology of Barabari Party Pakistan?

1. Equality: All citizens have equal right over country’s resources and should have equal access to all opportunities.

This means that what ever is found, grown and made in the country should be available to all on equal basis. These resources include natural resources like land, minerals, precious metals, oil and gas or they are man made like food, clothes, housing, transport, electricity, water etc.

2. State is responsible to ensure that all basic needs of all citizens are met. This means state has to make sure that those who are able to work, have the opportunity to work at appropriate wages, that are enough to have proper food, clothes, housing, education, healthcare, transport, electricity, security and employment. Those who are unable to work for any reason, do have social security which may be in the form of unemployment allowance, disability allowance, pension and old age benefits etc. It is also important that all such facilities and services are provided on the basis of equality. Thus quality of education, healthcare, access to jobs, transport etc is the same for all. Some services should not be used to make profit, especially healthcare and education.

3. Economy: State has to play an active role in managing and leading the economy. This means that economy cannot be left at private sector’s whims and wishes. State has the responsibility to control and manage all important sectors like heavy industry, banking, trade. We are against privatization of public sector institutions. They are owned by people. State has the responsibility to run them effectively and efficiently, keeping a balance between financial aspect and service aspect. State also needs to get involved in setting up industry and set up rules to protect public interest against profiteering and exploitation.


4. Laws and policies: All laws and rules for running the country are made by human beings and if they are not serving people, they have to be changed. This especially applies to economic system. For example tax laws at this time are benefitting the rich at the expense of the poor. there is a need for complete restructuring of tax system. Similarly land ownership is an important issue, both for agriculture land and housing and other development needs. We need to treat land as a strategic asset and develop and complete land policy in order to get rid of land mafias ans bring this asset under public control.

5. Class based system: Barabri Party Pakistan wants to abolish the current class based system. What is class based system? This means that there is a small segment of society which controls all wealth producing sources while a larger segments works for their benefit and under their rules and laws. This leads to the smaller controlling group to become richer and richer, while the larger segment is not only deprived of their rights but is exploited and becomes poorer and poorer, leading to increasing inequality. Some people are born into power, riches and position while others into poverty, destitution and powerlessness. This creates 2 major classes, the owners of resources and workers, with a smaller middle class in between. It is impossible for the working class members to move up into the owners group. We want to change this to where all resources are under public ownership, thus abolishing class based system, decreasing inequality, eliminating exploitation and restoring human dignity.

6. Democracy. Party believes in democracy but not in its current shape. For democracy to be effective grassroots democratic institutions have to be strengthened. The current system is a sham. Party will develop local government system which has constitutional protection and is truly representative of local people to meet local needs, with adequate allocation of resources and decision making powers.