To establish a truly democratic state based on equitable distribution of wealth, equality od right over resources so that whatever is found, grown and produced in this country is equally accessible to all and equal access to opportunities regardless of race, religion, gender and ethnicity.

To build a mainstream mass political party of middle class, working class, youth, poor and oppressed people to achieve our goals of human equality and equitable distribution of wealth and resources in Pakistan.



  • Establish an economic structure which creates a level playing field for all citizens and ends control and monopolization of country’s natural and man-made resources by a few.
  • To ensure provision of basic human needs, including but not limited to education, healthcare, housing, transportation and opportunities to earn a decent living required for a happy, healthy, prosperous and dignified life to all citizens where all their aspirations and wishes can be fulfilled.
  • To provide social security to all marginalized, disabled and elderly citizens.
  • To ensure equal opportunities for education, jobs, economic activity and personal development for women.
  • To ensure right of assembly and right of association.
  • To develop special youth centered programs which:
  • Encourage critical and analytical thinking.
  • Develop tolerance for a different point of view, ideology and faith.
  • Develop sociopolitical awareness and create opportunities to prepare new generation for future leadership of country.
  • To ensure that their creative, intellectual and physical energies are channeled in the right and constructive direction.
  • To ensure transparency of government functions and promote inclusion of citizens in decision making process.
  • To ensure religious freedom and equal access to opportunities, wealth and resources to minorities.
  • To change the direction of political discourse in Pakistan where issues facing a common people take centre stage.
  • To ensure proportionate representation of working and middle class in the parliament based on their percentage of total population.
  • In short, all institutions and policies should ensure well being of all citizens regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity or nationality.

Foundation of
New Party

This party is created by blue and white collar workers who are 99% of Pakistan and producer of all the wealth. However, unfortunately they are not getting their fair share in that wealth because most of the means of productions are owned by 1% elite class. Unequal distribution of wealth, resources and opportunities is the major cause of poverty and restlessness in society and we cannot achieve prosperity unless we create equal opportunities work and wealth for all Pakistanis.

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Our Salient Features

We’ve very comprehensive manifesto and economic polices. We welcome open discussions. Please see our FAQs and  download our short salient feature flyer to know more abut us.