Terrorism is use of violence to achieve some political or other goal. It is a tactic rather than an ideology. Even though Pakistanis have been experiencing it since 2011, it is not a new phenomenon on the world stage. It has been used in asymmetrical power struggle. The aim is to create fear and panic in the target population. It has been used by many revolutionary groups, independence movements and mafias. It is not always non-state actors but even states have used it against other states by supporting and promoting terror groups. Terrorism is a complex phenomenon with geopolitical and socioeconomic reasons behind it. Unless they are understood and countered there will be no end to terrorism. Our strategy: We know that it is not an easy task due to multiple factors and actors. There are powerful individuals/parties/groups/ and even foreign states who are involved in this. Those who mastermind terror attacks or support such groups either financially or by facilitating their functioning, will be punished. Those who belong to the lower socioeconomic strata of society and have either economic or psychological reasons for getting involved in this, will be given an opportunity for giving up this way of life and helped to find suitable jobs and rehabilitated to become a productive member of the society. All foreign funding of such groups will be stopped. Education system will be restructured to ensure that young people are taught open mindedness, tolerance towards other and acceptance of different point of view. The poor who cannot afford to cloth and feed their children often rely on madrassas which offer free room and board along with religious education are breeding grounds for terrorism. By eliminating poverty, this factor will be removed.