Foreign Policy

Pakistanis are by nature and historically peace loving, tolerant and open-minded people. People belonging to various religions, ethnicity, language, color and caste have lived in harmony for centuries. However, we have seen deteriorating conditions for the past several decades, especially since 2001. There are many factors which have contributed to this. Most sociologists agree that the root cause is poverty, a sense of injustice, disempowerment and socio-economic inequality. This leads to anger and frustration especially among young men creating a fertile ground for destructive elements to exploit people and extreme ideologies to flourish. Similarly petty crimes, social unrest in various forms, conflict between various groups are more prevalent among the poor and disadvantaged.

Undoubtedly, worsening geopolitical situation in this part of the world has also contributed to it. It is not just anger at local elite but resentment against the international powers which are seen as predatory and intrusive. Drone attacks are seen as violation of sovereignty of the country. This has pushed people to take extreme measures to address this.

Since late 1980s neoliberal agenda has been pushed where global capital wants to create its hegemony over world resources through use of force and by creating conflict in various parts of the world. Sale of arms in the open market benefitting arms industry has caused havoc in many parts of the world by arming mercenary warriors. International financial systems have been set up which make it difficult to track money laundering of the real culprits.

At the same time International Financial Institutions (IFIs) like IMF and World Bank have imposed economic policies which push privatization of essential services which should be state’s responsibility like education, healthcare, transport, housing, jobs, electricity, water, public transport etc. It leaves the poor to fend for themselves.  They also force sale of of state institutions to private investors which further deepen the divide between haves and have nots in addition to depriving the state from potential source of revenue leaving it dependant on the IFIs. All of this has intensified class divide.

We believe that unless wealth inequality is addressed, people are provided basic necessities of life and there is economic and social justice, we will not be able to create a peaceful and harmonious society.

Our Strategies

Making Pakistan financially self sufficient Pakistan will be the first step towards real sovereignty.

·      Violence against innocent people is unacceptable at every level, by any method and for any reason. These perpetrators need to be dealt with according to the law of the land.

·      All foreign funding to such groups will be stopped.

·      Strict rules to be applied for entry into the country by foreigners.

·      Citizens of all tribal areas to be given the same rights as the rest of Pakistan.

·      Educational syllabus to be revised to incorporate tolerance and respect of difference of opinion and various faiths.

·      Madrassas to be incorporated in the mainstream educational system which also needs a complete revamping to eliminate class based system

·      By eliminating all mafias, exhortations, illegal means to accumulate wealth and providing basic necessities to all citizens will reduce white collar and petty crimes to an large extent.

All those involved and white collar crimes will be dealt with strictly according to the law.