Introduction – English

Why A New Political Party?

At this time politics in Pakistan is revolving around personal interests and role of money and power. All major parties are controlled and led by large land owners, industrialists, businessmen, mafias and other rich and influential people or their representatives. All decisions are made by this small elite group. And by necessity, these decisions are in the interest of this elite group. Politics has become a business. These people get elected by spending money during elections to lure electorate. They have to not only recoup that money after getting elected but make profit also. This same small group, with few changes, has been controlling Pakistan’s resources, opportunities and all major institutions for the past several decades.
Thus Barabri Party Pakistan was established to be the party of middle and working class and youth, which make up 99 percent of population. For the past several decades, through a systematic and planned way, the average citizen has been sidelined from the politics of the country. They have been made to believe that their role in politics is only supportive and as followers. They only can vote for the choices put in front of them, not to become choice themselves. Barabri Party Pakistan wants to change that. It wants to put 99 percent in the driving seat. Unless this happens and middle and working class and youth become involved in politics and come in leadership position, get elected to decision making institutions where they make policies and laws to solve their problems, nothing will change in Pakistan.
Barabri Party Pakistan provides a platform and welcome all those who want to change Pakistan into a more egalitarian society, have the courage to challenge the current powers, commitment to the cause and resolve to pursue this goal, are honest and who are willing to read and learn and work hard.