Why A New Political Party?

At this time politics in Pakistan is revolving around personal interests and role of money and power. All major parties are controlled and led by large land owners, industrialists, businessmen, mafias and other rich and influential people or their representatives. All decisions are made by this small elite group. And by necessity, these decisions are in the interest of this elite group. Politics has become a business. Thus Barabri Party Pakistan was established to be the party of middle and working class and youth, which make up 99 percent of population.  Barabri Party Pakistan wants to change that. It wants to put 99 percent in the driving seat.


Party Priorities


Health Care

The human right to health means that everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. It must be available to all citizen as right.
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Equality of access to quality education and to all sources of knowledge is a human right as without it fundamental human mind cannot reach its full potential.

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Economy should work for all citizens. Everyone should have a share in it on an equitable basis. Inequality in this system gives rise to social ills, unrest in the society and conflict

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